Aral Sea Eco Tour
The tour is completely customizable

Location:                                     Republic of Uzbekistan (view the map)
Duration:                                     3 Days/2 Nights 
Best time for this tour:        since the climate in Karakalpakstan 
                                                          is continental with high temperatures 
                                                          in summer and low in the winter, 
                                                          it is recommended to visit in the spring 
                                                          from mid March to end of May, and in the 
                                                          fall from mid August to end of October.

Get an insight  into the impact of human beings on our fragile environment, and get a greater appreciation for it by visiting "one of the planet's men-made environmental disasters".  In the 1960s, the Soviet Union undertook Eco-tourism, why Aral Sea, Museum, Karakalpakstan etc.

Tour Details

Day One

Pick up, meet and check in, Savitsky Museum

External Links about world known Savitsky Museum [   |  ]

Day Two

Leave to Aral Sea,  take pictures, picnic, stay over night

Day Three

Sun Rise, canyons, stop at former harbor of Muynak, where the Graveyard of Ships is located,  visit town Museum

Visa: Pre-planning is advisable, since there is a wait period with documentation.