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Very light and loose clothing (preferably cotton or natural fibres) is recommended for daytime use, with a light jumper and/or casual jacket for the cooler evenings. Because of a large amount of sightseeing on foot in dry, dusty and sometimes rough areas (i.e. dirt, cobblestones, etc.), comfortable, solid walking shoes with strong soles and support are essential You may be required to remove your shoes on entry to some religious sites. There are no special clothing requirements for visiting Islamic religious sites, except that you should take care to cover most parts of your body including arms and legs.
Above all travellers are encouraged to dress for comfort rather than fashion. Valuable jewellery and any clothing requiring special attention should be left at home. Due to very high danger of sunburn, your clothing should offer as much protection as possible. A hat with good shade protection and sunglasses are essential.
In some areas the average visitor may appear extremely wealthy to local people. A lavish display of jewellery, bulging handbags and wallets and a neck full of cameras will make you stand out in a crowd. Be discreet, respectful of local culture and traditions and carry the minimum of valuables. 


You will be travelling in areas, which are largely free of major infection diseases, so there are no official vaccination requirements for foreign visitors. However we strongly recommend you to consult your physician of the Vaccination Centre for current health warnings and recommended vaccination.
As it is practically inevitable in the areas where water is high in mineral and metallic salts (as in the case with Central Asia) one should be prepared for minor gastric complaints. Consult your physician or pharmacist for recommended remedies.
Throughout the areas you will be travelling, one of the main health warnings is dehydration. At all times maintain a steady intake of non-alcoholic liquids.
Sunburn is another major problem. Bring adequate suntan lotion and a wide brimmed hat.
If desired, you may also bring a supply of vitamins, throat lozenges, a throat gargle to prevent basic infections, cold / flu tablets, aspirins, Band-Aids, antiseptics and antibacterial cream. Please, advise us if you have any allergies or particular medical aliments which may require special attention during the trip, if your doctor has prescribed any medication, make sure that you have sufficient supplies to last the duration of your holiday.
IMPORTANT: Please, ensure that you carry in your hand luggage any medicine you may require in case your suitcase is separated from you. 


Individual safety boxes are not always available in Central Asian Hotels. An essential part of your luggage is a comfortable money wallet, which may be worn under your clothing. At all times you should carry your main documents (i.e. currency, travellers cheques, air tickets, passports, visas etc.) In accordance with local laws, you will be required to hand in your passport to the hotel reception on arrival to allow registration of your passport details by the hotel. Your passport will normally be available again after a few hours. Do not forget to collect it before departure. 


Travellers are recommended to carry Cash (US Dollars) in small denominations. Fresh and clean notes preferable, as it is often impossible to exchange or purchase with old or worn banknote. US dollar banknotes with a serial date prior to 1996 are generally not accepted. 

Two copies of customs declaration must be completed when entering Uzbekistan, the second one must be kept carefully with other travel documentation and given to customs officers when departing the country.

Currency Import regulations:
Import allowed for non-residents:
- unlimited import of foreign currencies. A declaration form has to be filled out upon arrival. Passengers carrying more than USD 1,000.- may be checked physically.

Currency Export regulations:
Export allowed for non-residents:
- foreign currencies not exceeding amount declared upon arrival. Proof of lawful exchange into Uzbek Som is required from passengers spending more than USD 2,000.-. Passengers failing to submit this proof have to pay a fine of 30 percent of the amount imported.


Karakalpak, Uzbek. In addition, Russian is still widely used in Central Asian countries (although English is rapidly replacing this).


No difficulty is put in the way of visitors who wish to photograph places of historic interest.
Photography inside some religious monuments and in airports, railway stations or near military installation may not be allowed.


220/230 AC 50 volts. Plugs are the two-pin types as found in continental Europe. Adapters are sometimes available, however you should carry your own. 



The degree of appreciation may vary

Other Reminders

•    Wash hands always before meals (sorry to remind it but it is important). 
•    Do not drink TAP WATER, purchase bottled water. 
•    Do not eat fruit / vegetables purchased at the market before it is disinfected. 
•    Carry a small knife for pealing fruit. Pack this in your aircraft hocked bag for all travel. 
•    Keep well hydrated with at least two litters a day or water / tea particularly when in deserts or at altitude. 
•    If you should suffer stomach problems DO drink lots of strong black tea, green tea. Do not eat for 24 hours. And report to your local guide, as soon as possible please